Therapy in a poem


I walk into your office, scared

of what we will find when we explore

my inner workings, my secrets

of moments and emotions of years past.

You gently guide me through the maze,

the winding corridors, twisting, turning

inward to those frozen memories

that you call denial and repression.

You say it will take time, move slow

You assure me that it will be ok

You let me trust you, grasp my hand

You brace me for the fall.

As we chip away on all those cold winter evenings

when we start out with nothing

and end up with so much pain

unraveling the trauma and the loss

again and again.

You teach me it’s ok to cry

You help me find new strength, new ways

You say I have it within me to heal

To move through, to progress, and thrive.

What you say is true, bold and brave

I move from the dark colors of my past

that once was all black and grey

then to shades of purple and blue

and finally at peace in the soft pastels.

When my self-portrait is done

I give you a hug and a tear

Say you will always be with me

in my head and in my heart.

For commentary on my poem, read my article called The Process of Therapy in a Poem:

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