This canine is a prima dogga

Ali is a dog that I wrote about in a HubPage article.  I am extremely fascinated by Ali because Ali is not your typical dog.  Ali has a mentality of a cat but more sturdy.  Ali will come to you as needed.  She will bark when hungry or wanting attention.  Ali will get excited when she gets into an automobile.  Ali needs lifting to get into the back seat because of her severely large rump.  Ali will poop in the garden without any warning.  She will break wind right after a meal or if you rub her belly too much.  Ali will sleep with you but take up the entire bed and snore to keep you awake at night.  Ali gets bathed and a haircut on the same day and comes out of the beauty parlor with ribbons on her ears. People complement her and say how pretty she looks.  She nods her head as if to say, I know.  Ali will often lie down in front of you directly on your foot while you are watching TV.  Ali is not a baseball fan, in fact, when her mother is watching the Angels or the Dodgers and cheerleading, Ali finds that so offensive that she heads to her little kennel.  Ali is very dignified because she was a show dog and she has the papers to prove it.  She also poses for her audience of admirers and stands in dignity unlike those common dogs who don’t have her breeding.  For Ali is a pedigree by nature.  She grew up with a silver dog toy in her mouth.

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It’s sunny on the deck today.
Alice and Ali on the carpet.


One thought on “This canine is a prima dogga

  1. Oh my gosh, so of course it’s Monday, but then I get this article from you about Ali. Are you obsessed? Yes, she’s beautiful alright, and she knows it. I read your article on the HubPage, and I wish I could have posted this reply there. It had me giggling hysterically to the point that a fellow team member had to come over and wonder why.

    Once again, you have described a “family” member perfectly! I love Ali as any human is close to a pet, even though I don’t have the privilege of living with her. I actually miss her and have withdrawals to the point of having to see her picture or watch a saved video I have of her. Ali has brought joy to my parents. Whether or not they can express that, I only wonder.

    Thanks again for the laugh relief! On a Monday, it is greatly appreciated.

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