Just your body, your mat, and your breath

It’s often difficult to explain to someone why I like to do yoga.  It’s difficult to describe the benefits and the way I feel after I do a yoga class.  Many people see yoga as something new-age and hokey.

Some people see yoga teachers as kooks and see yoga as a potentially crippling exercise.  I don’t disagree with the naysayers or try to convince them otherwise, but I tell them to try it and see if they like it.  If they don’t, well at least they tried.

Stereotypes about yoga are partially true.  There are some yogis who are new age and may teach a class while playing gongs or bowls or giving you acupuncture during savasana.  When yogis over focus on their playlist or talk too much about chakras—they seem to gild the lily or put chocolate on strawberries.  You don’t need anything more than a calming voice and easy moving yoga poses to feel yoga at its purest form. It doesn’t have to be mystical.  Simple is good where yoga is concerned.

For many of us, it is enough just to focus on your body.  Because there’s a lot to focus on.  Gongs and singing bowls aren’t necessary—in fact, they are distracting.  Simply getting into poses and learning to breathe while moving from pose to pose is sufficiently enjoyable.  We don’t need anything more.  Just your body, your mat and your breath.  Oh, and your big toe.

For more on your big toe and yoga, check out my Hubpage: http://marktulin.hubpages.com/hub/The-Importance-of-the-Big-Toe-in-Yoga


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