I think I enjoy walking more than talking

I’ve always loved to walk.  Living in the city growing up you had to walk to a lot of places.  Our parents never drove us anywhere so we either had to walk or take the bus.  Often we would walk to the Roosevelt Mall in Northeast Philly and meet our friends or have a slice of Pizza.  Previous to that, we used to walk to the Tyson Movie Theatre and see horror movies like Village of the Damned.  I think back then movies were about a $1.50.  But walking was normal and it was fun and I didn’t even think about walking–I just left my house and walked.  But once I started driving I walked less and I drove everywhere–even drove to the gym where I had to get a parking space close to the entrance, and then walk on the treadmill.

The truth is I try to make it a point to walk.  When I lived near Pennypack Park I used to walk there everyday.  I used to listen to my iPod to relaxing music and walk past the waterfall, past the stream of ducks.  It was there that I began to practice walking meditation.  I began to appreciate the fact that I was able to walk as well as to be alive.  I recommend walking meditation to everyone, especially to those who find it difficult to do sitting mediation.

Check out my HubPages link to Walking Meditation:  http://marktulin.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-do-Walking-Meditation   You can find most of my articles at Mark Tulin on HubPages.

Now for some pictures of Pennypack Park, Philly’s biggest park.

IMG_0120  IMG_0122 IMG_0124 IMG_0125IMG_0123


3 thoughts on “I think I enjoy walking more than talking

  1. I don,t walk but I meditate with every stitch I make when knitting and crocheting, every stitch has a prayer and love and hope

  2. I agree with Irene (my Mom) about the meditation in knitting or crocheting, especially “simple” projects. I take them everywhere I go and use them as part of my meditation. I do walk as well. During my break, I take a 20 minute walk with pleasant music playing. Some days, I won’t take it with me because I know I need to get a “quiet place” to calm my nerves; it just depends on the kind of day I’m having.

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