Is gambling therapeutic?

A few years ago I would have answered that question a resounding no.  As a therapist I only saw people who had gambling addictions who lost a lot of money and relationships that way.  The casinos in Atlantic City were sleazy and filled with too much cigarette smoke to be considered to be helpful to anyone.  But I did notice that there were a lot of elderly people who went to these casinos.  Why would they want to do that?  I asked myself.  When I moved to California I had found the answer to that question. Read my article about gambling.  You might change your mind too.  Here’s the link


Me and the big winners at the casino!

One thought on “Is gambling therapeutic?

  1. True to your word, Mark, I witnessed the same thing with my Granny in total disbelief. I had the same experience of putting money into those machines, watching the numbers accumulate and then disipate in the same fashion. Yet there she was, doing exactly as you described, talking to the machine and letting it rack up the money. It is truly theraputic for them as seniors have this excuse to get away from their hum-drum lives and sit in an exciting atmosphere to them. They enjoy themselves to no end. In the mean time, both my sister and I had a great opportunity to catch up and watch in facsination as my dear grandparents enjoyed their time away from home. I’m glad to have that time with them.

    Thank you so much for writing it so eloquently. It’s good to see their experience is appreciated by others.

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