Having compassion for the homeless

Sometimes they get arrested by the police for minor infractions.

I see the homeless everyday and I always say these things to myself:

  • I’m glad it’s not me
  • It could be me under the right circumstances
  • I wish I could help them more
  • They must be suffering
  • How do they do it?
  • They really have an odor
  • I’ll pray for them

Sometimes I wonder if that’s enough, just praying for them or giving them a dollar here and there.  I wonder if it’s enough to say hello and to give them a smile.  I wonder what I would want from people if I were homeless?  To be left alone?  To be given more money?  I hope I will never know.  I wrote about the homeless in my Hubpages article. To see all my Hubpages, check out http://marktulin.hubpages.com.  Here’s the link to the article about how the homeless survive in Santa Barbara.


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