2 thoughts on “This may be offensive to people who don’t like hamsters

  1. I know he,s in heaven cause my dog Rags is there, she was never happy about the dogs we got until now, she knows this one takes care of us

  2. I’m with Irene on this one. All pets deserve Heaven more than anyone else. They have no clue about the “bad” things that prevent you from getting there because they love as God taught us to. They love unconditionally. Maybe more so if you feed them when they want you to, but yet they will love you unconditionally. When my time comes, I know I’ll be greeted by Rags, Bernie and Brownie because they’re all living there, watching over my cat, Bunny. She’ll join us too when her time comes.

    It may be simple and contrite to believe as we pet owners do, but doesn’t it make it worth getting to Heaven that much more besides the “Awards” you receive from Our Creator?

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