Rock and Sam’s first anniversary

Being a family therapist for twenty years I have encountered many marriages. There are only two that sticks out in my mind as a solid matrimony. One involved a marriage between a Down Syndrome woman and a man with a developmental disability.  The two were textbook happy. Both supported each other and they were mindful of how to speak to one another in a way that they could be heard and understood.  They both, despite their disabilities, knew how to give and to receive love and they maintained their magic even after 10 years of marriage.  Truly a remarkable union.

The other marriage is at the beginning stage.  But I can tell that it will continue to evolve into a marriage made in heaven.  The two are motivated, in love, smart, and they are willing to work on their issues–in other words, not run and hide when the going gets tough.  My hats off to Rock and Sam on their First Anniversary–and many more!

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